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Ready to search for a home?

If you’re in the market for a new home, you’ll likely head to plenty of homes.

Here are seven things to keep an eye out for during your next home tour. Keep in mind, a professional home inspector will confirm whether some of these items are concerns or not. These are *just* signs to watch for but not ALWAYS are reason to walk away. Your professional agent, lender, and inspector can help you with all these!

Signs of Water Damage – Look for water marks on the ceilings and walls. Be sure carpets are dry and be wary of a musty odor.

Foundation Cracks – Check for misaligned doors or windows, sticking doors or sloping floors. These may be signs the house is not solidly anchored.

Closet Space – Picture your things fitting into the existing closets. If you think perhaps there is not enough space, you’re probably right.

Storage Space – Think not just about closet space for clothes, but about space to store all your extras.

Water Pressure – Lackadaisical water pressure can be a big issue. Turn on the taps full blast for a minute to see how the water runs. (Please check with agent prior to doing this!!)

Natural Light – If you’re touring the home in bright daylight with all the lights on, turn the lights off to get a better idea of natural light.

Aging Roof – Check for an abundance of damaged or missing shingles, or signs of water damage in the attic.


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