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Zip Tie Tips for Your Home

Zip ties can be found in almost every home. Whether they live in the tool box or the junk drawer, these little straps can do more than just hold things like wires and cables together. In fact, you can use zip ties for many different quick fixes and solutions all throughout your home. Here are six innovative uses for zip ties in and around your home.

Child-Proof Your Cabinets Before you welcome a baby into your life, you have likely prepared your home. In case you may have forgotten about your cabinets, zip ties are a quick and useful safety solution. Wrap a zip tie around the two cabinet knobs and pull tight. This will keep children out of the cabinets and away from harmful chemicals. This trick can also work well for pet proofing your home. 

Attach the Lid to the Garbage Can Nothing is more frustrating than chasing after a garbage can lid when it blows off from the wind. With a drill and some zip ties, you can attach the lid to the garbage can in no time. Simply drill two ¼-inch holes into the lid, as well as the barrel. Thread a zip tie through each hole, securing the lid to the can creating a flip top solution.

Create Storage With Milk Crates Zip tie milk crates together to create a cubby-like storage wall. This can be used for toys in your children’s playroom, shoe storage in your entryway or garage, or as a bookshelf in your home office. Simply stack the crates in whatever configuration you want before securing them with zip ties. Change or add cartons for versatile storage solutions.

Declutter Your Garage or Workshop If you have tools and other clutter lying around your garage or workshop, zip ties can help you get organized. Using a pegboard, simply thread the zip ties through the holes and secure it in the back. Be sure to leave them loose enough to fit a tool handle through.

Fix a Broken Zipper When a zipper tab breaks off a jacket or backpack, it can be a pain to maneuver. However, a zip tie can easily fix this problem. Simply thread the zip tie through the loop where the original zipper tab was, and zip it closed. Cut the tie to an appropriate length as a temporary solution. 

Hang a Holiday Garland or Lights For those who like to get festive around the holidays, zip ties will be your new best friend. Quickly secure your holiday decorations, such as a holiday garland on your staircase handrail or twinkle lights on your front porch. These handy little straps give you total control of how and where your decor hangs, allowing you to create the holiday home of your dreams. 


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