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Things Every Real Estate Agent Would Love You To Know

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Narrow the search and do some leg work - Drive by potential homes and check out the neighborhood. See if the commute works for you.

Don't call the name on the sign - call your agent.

Get an idea of what you can afford - your agent should be able to put you in touch with a reputable group of lenders.

Don't get cold feet. Easy to say, hard to do but stand firm!

Don't talk with other agents in the home you're looking over. So, like to hop from open house to open house? Tell them you have an agent and discuss the home with your agent.

Don't discuss the home or give indication of how much you like it - while you are at a showing! Technology today makes it oh-so-easy to eavesdrop and you don't want to give away leverage!

Buyer's agents get paid at closing by the seller. This is a published commission in the multiple listing syndicate. It doesn't mean they are working for the seller that's just who sets the amount and where the funds come from.


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