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Natural stone countertops are one of the most popular fixtures in a kitchen today. With granite being the most popular, it is often found in homes that sell quickly. If your

countertop is granite and you want to keep it sell-ready for years, you’ll need to find a way to take care of it. One of the best ways to do so is to seal your countertops. Because granite is porous, liquids can easily seep into the stone. To stop this, you’ll need to seal your granite. Thankfully, this process is easy and quick.

You will only need to seal your countertops once a year, but it is good to check and see how your seal is holding up every few months. You can do so by pouring a small amount of water on your countertop and leaving it for 30 minutes. If it beads up, your sealant is great. If not and it soaks into the stone, it is time for another round of sealing.

To seal your counter, you’ll need granite cleaner, granite sealer, and lint-free rags.

First, you will need to clear off your countertops. The process will be easiest if all items are removed. Then you’ll need to use the granite cleaner to completely scrub off any

residue, crumbs, or spills. Once they are clean, use a new cloth to dry them off and let them sit until morning, assuring that the countertop is completely dry.

Next, you will want to open your windows. The sealant can be potent, so having a breeze will help keep the strong smell at bay. It is recommended to do a spot test before you begin sealing your entire counter to make sure that the sealer doesn’t cause any damage your stone type. As you begin sealing, you should work in small sections of 2-3 square feet. You will spray the sealer and then wipe it into the surface of your countertop quickly.

Work throughout your kitchen and make sure you are wiping the sealer before it dries.

Lastly, you will need to take another lint-free rag and buff your counters. Once you’ve buffed every inch, you will need to let the counters cure for 24 hours - but then they will be sealed and ready to use again!


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