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At Inspection, Avoid These Three Things

Don't Focus on Price.

If you're a bargain shopper, this one may be tough but you know the old adage, "you get what you pay for". If you hire based on price, you might be disappointed and potentially out thousands of dollars in costly repairs the "cheap" inspector missed. Be sure to check credentials and reviews of both the inspector and the company.

Don't Skip the Inspection.

Oy, but 3 or more hours out of your busy schedule is ludicrous right? Nope. Get it on your calendar and make sure to be there.

If you can't spare the entire inspection, let the inspector/company know and plan to show up for at least the last hour. (It's good to check in/coordinate with inspectors as they can wrap up before the scheduled end.)

The inspector is your aly and you are the client. They want you to be comfortable with the systems in your home. This is your chance to become very familiar with the inner workings.

Don't Skip the Re-inspection.

If you've negotiated inspection repairs, you'd better plan on forking out for that re-inspection to make sure those repairs are done and done correctly, especially if they are major items. A receipt won't do. Take it from this agent, I've seen work negotiated and never completed by sellers. Don't chance it.


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